Disable Netflix Continue Playing Prompt [NETFLIX TIP]

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Netflix Continue Playing Prompt_Disable Netflix Continue Playing Box_Netflix Plugin


Remove The Netflix Continue Playing Button

Continue playing? Of course continue playing! What do they think we are, some kind of bandwidth sucking heathens!? Probably one of the worst things that can ever happen in your own home, Netflix asks if you want to continue playing the video. Sometimes they’ll ask you even if you have just manually hit play to advance to the next episode. We bring our mouse into our beds, onto our laps, we time our trips to the bathroom to align with it, and it adds to our overall anxiety levels brought on by life, and taking in a year’s worth of entertainment in 12 hours.


Netflix Pause Removal

Help is here! If you’re a Chrome user like me, install Netflix Pause Removal and remove that horrible prompt! Simply add to Chrome and it works! While viewing the first season of The Ranch, (yes in one sitting) I saw the prompt flash on the screen one time for a split second before it was killed. It didn’t affect the show in any way, it just kept going with no slips in video or audio, and closed out the window before it opened. Netflix Pause Removal currently has about 16,500 installations, a 4 star review, it’s open source, and the developers are on point with their support, so if you don’t like interruptions give this extension a try!