NETFLIX HACK: Unlock Categories With The “Netflix Categories” Chrome Extension

Unlock Hidden Netflix Categories!

This is a must-have Chrome extension if you’re a serious Netflixer. The Netflix Categories extension does everything it says, and does it without running in the background and slowing things down.Β It has tons of active installs, good reviews, and it gets updated, hit this link to install.

Here it is in action in the toolbar:

NETFLIX HACK: Unlock Categories With The "Netflix Categories" Chrome Extension 1


Clicking “Martial Arts Movies” brings up a kick ass list of martial arts movies, and other searches work just as well.

NETFLIX HACK: Unlock Categories With The "Netflix Categories" Chrome Extension 2

“Netflix Categories” Description:

Netflix has thousands of hidden categories but only a few of them are actually accessible from the website. This extension helps you unlock many of those hidden categories. (Many more categories will be added soon)

– Search hidden categories
– Add category to favorites for easy access
– Free and open source

– No extra permissions required to install
– No data is sent or received

– Does not run in the background and so does not use any system resources when not in use


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