Rilakkuma by San-X Sofa Cell Phone Pen Stationery Holder Authentic Licensed Product

Rilakkuma is a soft plush-stuffed fictional character that loves to lounge around your apartment in his bear costume. In fact, his name is a combination of Japanese words that means “relaxing bear.” Nobody really knows where he came from before he showed up in Kaoru’s apartment one day (Kaoru is a working woman employed in Tokyo, Japan). But one day she came home from work and she found Rilakkuma lounging around her apartment.

He enjoys lounging around wherever, whenever and however he can (of course) and playing with his friends, Korillakuma & Kiiroitori. He loves to eat dango, pancakes, omurice, and custard pudding and will do just about anything to get them, as long as he doesn’t have to move to get it. For some unknown reason, he has a zipper on his back that when opened, reveals a little pouch lined with blue polka dots. While no one knows why or how he got it, it sure comes in handy to store things.

Always looking for a place to keep your things on your desk? Always knocking your phone off? Never able to find it? This is the perfect size to hold your small, mobile electronic devices. It gives them a soft and secure place on your desk, making it less likely to lose or knocking them off.

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