The Very Best of GLOW, Vol. 2

THE FANS HAVE SPOKEN! It has been 20 years since the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling burst onto the scene and quickly became one of America’s most beloved television programs! GLOW earned a place in the hearts of viewers all across the country. Now by popular demand The Very Best of GLOW brings the most demanded episodes ALL PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED! Volume 2 features: Matches: Nanotchka vs. The Widow, Tusla & Babe vs. Daisy & Beastie, Tiffany Mellon vs. Tanya, Mt. Fiji & Thunderbolt & Lightening vs. M.T.V., Hollywood & Big Bad Mama, and Cheyenne Cher vs. Godiva Segments: Tiffany’s Glow Gossip, Zelda’s Zingers, Godiva’s Bare Facts, M.T.V.’s GLOW Connection, Beastie’s Beanery, Reform School with Sara & Mabel and many more! PLUS PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED BONUS MATCHES: Tina Ferrari (Former WWE Women’s Champion Ivory) vs. Attache + A 6 woman tag team war!