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New on Netflix, AUGUST 2020

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Top titles Coming to Netflix, Best Netflix Movies August 2020, Coming to Netflix August 2020

By: @IAmChrisCrespo

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Project Power

Coming to Netflix August 14, 2020


Remember Limitless? That Bradley Cooper movie featuring a wonder drug that made him crazy smart? How about Lucy? That Scarlet Johansson movie featuring a wonder drug that made her super…uhhh…computery? Do you recall Awakenings? That Robert De Niro movie featuring a wonder drug that made him less comatose?

The point being that Wonder Drug movies make for a viable sub-genre of film, and here that trope gets the comic book superhero treatment. What if you could eat a pill and become a human torch? Or mega strong? Or impervious to bullets? Sounds sweet, eh? But what if there is also a small chance that taking that drug would also kill you. No big deal, right? This crazy sounding drug with a five-minute lifespan is the macguffin of Project Power, a Netflix movie starring Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and directed by the fellas behind “found footage” style movies Paranormal Activity 3 & 4 and the psuedo-documentary Catfish.

Based on the marketing it does look like they have evolved from this lower budget style of filmmaking, and maybe with a bit of a budget they could actually put forth something genuinely fun and engaging.

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Project Power [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix August 14, 2020



Cobra Kai (Seasons 1 & 2)

Coming to Netflix August 28, 2020


So we are now a few years into the Streaming Services War (TM) and even with some new entrants into the battle arena (looking at you, mostly underwhelming Peacock and quite robust HBO Max), we have to remember some of the services that have tried to blaze some paths and failed along the way.

One of the biggest and splashiest fails has to be YouTube Red, which rebranded as YouTube Premium in 2018. Starting in 2016, their biggest announcement was the show Cobra Kai, a sequel series to the 80s hit movie The Karate Kid, and of all their original programming, this is literally the only show that got any traction in media and among viewers. And since YouTube Premium has GREATLY reduced their original programming output recently (even pre-Covid), Cobra Kai found a new home at Netflix, with season 3 being produced by the world’s most successful and largest streaming service. To get everyone primed for it (take that, Bezos), they are dropping seasons one and two ahead of the release of season three.

It is pretty wild to see a king walk over to a lowly duke and just PLUCK the one nice looking jewel in their collection and add it to the overcrowded crown, and yet, here we have the streaming version of that here. Well played, Netflix.





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