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New on Netflix, NOVEMBER 2020

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Top Titles Coming to Netflix November 2020, What's Coming to Netflix November 2020

By: @IAmChrisCrespo

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The Life Ahead

Coming to Netflix November 13, 2020


Sophia Loren is an acting legend and she’s in a new movie in 2020, and not just like a small role or anything like that, she’s the damn lead in “The Life Ahead,” a movie about a daycare center worker who is robbed by a young boy and instead of hardening her heart, she take him in and becomes a protector and provider to this trouble kid living a hard scrabbled street life.

Add the fact that the worker is a Holocaust survivor who has seen the worst of humanity up close and decides to be the antithesis of that when the opportunity arises and now we see why this story has already been told several times, as this movie is the third cinematic adaptation of the 1975 French novel The Life Before Us (there was also a short Broadyway run in 1987!).

So a modern classic of French literature, a legendary actress, and a streaming service with deep pockets has led to this, “The Life Ahead,” available on November 13.


🎬 The Life Ahead [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix November 13, 2020



Hillbilly Elegy

Coming to Netflix November 24, 2020


You know what Oscar Voters like in their movies (for purposes of this write up, Oscar Voters will be considered as the older white male monolith that is has been for years)? Oscar Voters ™ absolutely love movies featuring good looking rich actors playing poorer, uglier versions of themselves. It isn’t enough to have a family drama featuring Amy Adams and Glenn Close, they also have to portray mega poor Appalachian folks who looks like America has worn them down to a pulp, and of course, said portrayal has to entail a “pulled up by the bootstraps” mentality that Oscar Voters ™ and many Americans in general believe can lead to upward mobility in an otherwise uncaring and cruel economic world.

Hence we have “Hillbilly Elegy,” one of Netflix’s latest big swings at the Oscar race; we know they are serious about this because they paid $45 million for the rights to adapt the book of the same name and they are highlighting Ron Howard’s Oscar winning movies Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind, so their intentions are as plain as day. “Look, the Poor Whites of Appalachia! Don’t they deserve awards?” they are practically screaming with this movie. Will it deserve awards?

Find out for yourself with the rest of your family after you consume an entire turkey on Thanksgiving weekend.


🎬 Hillbilly Elegy [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix November 24, 2020



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