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New on Netflix, APRIL 2020

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Nailed It! Season 4

Coming to Netflix – April 1


Our newest and best celebration of imperfection is coming April 1st in the form of season 4 of Nailed It!, the baking competition hosted by the hilarious Nicole Byer in which amateur home (and sometimes “professional”) bakers are tasked with recreating immaculate and amazing cakes and baked goods.

The hook, so to speak, is that these original cakes presented to the bakers are all incredible, legitimate pieces of art that can be displayed for passer-bys to “ooh” and “aah” at as they take in all the improbable details and amazing cake-based recreations of real world objects. And the contestants, whether they know it or not, are not up to the task of making these cakes. And yet that’s the task, as they are provided with an incredibly small amount of time to make their own version of the legit food art in front of them simply by looking at it and following along with a surely not detailed enough list of directions.

Add a comedian or industry professional along with Nicole Byer and co-host chocolatier Jacques Torres to provide running commentary and you have a helluva an entertaining show, and at only six episodes of 30 minutes each, the show is easily bingeable and leaves you wanting more.


Nailed It! Season 4 [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix April 1, 2020



The Willoughbys

Coming to Netflix April 22, 2020


Making animated movies is hard work. I mean, making movies in general is hard. But then deciding to draw everything, whether by hand or in a computer, is an insane task. It takes so many people working in teams on the same tiny little details and it can be so incredibly easy to get lost in these dense woods as the artists are forced to focus on one tiny leaf of one branch of one tree.

And yet, when Pixar and Dreamworks crank out hits that make hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars, then other companies see that and get dollar signs in their eyes decide to get in the mix. And here in 2020 is the beginning of Netflix finally throwing their hat in the original animation ring with The Willoughbys.

Teaming up with Canadian production company BRON and utilizing their newly formed animation division, they optioned and produced a slick looking, celebrity voiced adaptation of a popular kid’s book, so all the elements are in place for a successful foray into feature length animated movies.

Will people like it as much as your Shreks and Toy Storys, or will it go the way of your Wonderlands and Planet 51s? We will find out this month!


The Willoughbys [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix April 22, 2020



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