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🎬 Top 2 Titles Coming to Netflix • APRIL 2021 • With Chris Crespo!

New on Netflix, APRIL 2021

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By: @IAmChrisCrespo

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Concrete Cowboy

Coming to Netflix April 2, 2021


Idris Elba as a cowboy in Philadelphia. What, do you want more? Okay how about an old-fashioned inspirational tale of a young 15-year old reconnecting with his estranged father through the power of an urban horse club?

Based on a book inspired by the real life Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club, “Concrete Cowboy” got solid reviews and notices from its debut at the pandemic-hampered Toronto International Film Festival, and has since found itself purchased by those streaming wunderkids over at Netflix. The son has to deal with prioritizing his life and recognizing who he should be allowing to influence it, and the father has to do with the economics of maintaining an urban club among the unstoppable force called gentrification, and somewhere in the middle, a story is told about people and communities.

Idris Elba is a fantastic actor and surely a great choice to bring this interesting story to cinematic life.


🎬 Concrete Cowboy [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix April 2, 2021




The Mitchells Vs The Machines

Coming to Netflix April 30, 2021


Originally, this was a movie called “Connected,” which Sony was set to release in theaters. And then the pandemic happened, and Sony needed to find some ways to make some of their money back. Here comes Netflix a-calling with its big ole purse and oversized checkbook and four-foot long feather pen and with a flourish they wrote themselves a giant check to Sony for the rights to this movie.

Having re-named it “The Mitchells Vs The Machines” and apparently adding more people to the cast to keep the online buzz going, we now have a new family animated comedy coming to our living rooms featuring a technological singularity and a robot uprising. Sounds like a good time to me.


🎬 The Mitchells vs. The Machines [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix April 30, 2021




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