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Top Titles Coming to Netflix December 2020, What's Coming to Netflix December 2020

By: @IAmChrisCrespo

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Coming to Netflix December 4, 2020


For the last few years, while Netflix has spent a majority of their time, energy and resources in absolutely CRANKING out new movies that barely register on the pop culture radar and which don’t get any traction among critics, award givers and People Who Care About Film, they have also snuck out a small handful of movies that can actually be considered pieces of art. Movies like Roma, Uncut Gems, and The Irishman help give Netflix a little bit of artistic street cred, proving to all the neck beard film nerds that they have more in mind than Happy Gilmore productions and stand up comedy specials.

Enter David Fincher and his first movie since Gone Girl came out back in 2014 and yes, you are correct, six years between David Fincher movies is far too long of a gap, so that makes Mank just THAT MUCH more special. Based on a screenplay by his father and covering the making of Citizen Kane, Mank has potential to be a special movie that plays for years as a modern classic of filmmaking (and ABOUT filmmaking).

We got Gary Oldman. We got black and white. We got a love of film history. We have all the things that the Academy loves and if there even is an Academy Awards show next year, expect Mank (and Netflix) to be well represented.

[SPOILER ALERT ] Full MANK Review from Cinema Crespodiso #413 – Sound of Mank


🎬 Mank [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix December 4, 2020



The Midnight Sky

Coming to Netflix December 23, 2020


George Clooney doesn’t do science fiction too often, but when he does, it usually ends up being something special.

Steven Soderbergh’s Solaris is an underappreciated gem, and more recently Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity made all the money and got all the appreciation as it kicked people’s butts in theaters in 2013 (the less said about Tomorrowland, the better). So now we have George Clooney playing a guy in a desolate landscape, inhabiting a post-apocalypse world, and he’s trying to communicate with some astronauts orbiting Earth to tell them to STAY UP THERE! This is a great set up, very creepy and spooky and also rich with possibilities, especially thematic ones, as the world seems to be falling apart around us and maybe some of us wish we could just float in outer space above all this nonsense. And who doesn’t want to see a bearded George Clooney do some survival acting?

Sounds like a Christmas miracle to me, the perfect holiday movie to enjoy with the family, as we all wallow together in the desolation.


🎬 The Midnight Sky [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix December 23, 2020



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