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Top 2 Titles Coming to Netflix • FEBRUARY 2020 • With Chris Crespo

New on Netflix, FEBRUARY 2020

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Locke & Key

Coming to Netflix February 7, 2020


“Locke & Key” is fascinating because it is a comic book adaptation that has taken a very long road to get here.

Created by Joe Hill, son of Stephen King (yes, THAT Stephen King, you know other Stephen Kings??), an attempted movie adaptation of his supernatural horror comic goes back to 2014 and failed tries to turn it into a television series go back even further; an actual pilot was produced by Fox back in 2010-2011, but was ultimately turned down, and Hulu gave the show the ole’ production waltz before deciding they were not going to be in the Locke & Key business after all.

Enter Netflix, with their monies and their desire to fill every waking moment of each person’s life with brand new content. And with creator Joe Hill involved, this journey finally comes to an end, or is it finally beginning, thanks to Netflix.

Did they find the KEY…to un-LOCKE…a good show?


Locke & Key [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix February 7, 2020



Altered Carbon – Season 2

Coming to Netflix February 27, 2020


Season one of this very derivative yet still fun and interesting science fiction series debuted in February 2018 and was fairly well received, and a second season was announced later that year.

But since then, there has been no news about the continuance of the show “Altered Carbon,” based on the 2002 science fiction novel of the same name, except for VERY recently, in which the season two release date was provided and HOLY COW it’s soon!

The show features an Earth several hundred years in the future, in which (basically) souls are able to be transferred from physical body to body, which means for season two they were able to upgrade their actor from Joel Kinnaman to Anthony Mackie, which is an upgrade no matter how you look at it.

The best character of the show, however, was a sentient hotel that was killed (long story) so hopefully for this new season they have similar tricks up their sleeves with interesting and fun designs and ideas. Because as fun as it is to just take a bunch of things you already like and smash them together, it is even more fun when those things are pushed to entirely new territories.


Altered Carbon: Season 2 [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix February 27, 2020


Altered Carbon Season 1 Recap



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