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🎬 Top 2 Titles Coming to Netflix • FEBRUARY 2021 • With Chris Crespo!

New on Netflix, FEBRUARY 2021

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Malcolm & Marie

Coming to Netflix February 5, 2021


Zendaya is popping off right now, and one of the projects that people are raving about is her A24 show on HBO Max “Euphoria,” but when HBO paused production due to COVID19, she found herself working with Euphoria showrunner Sam Levinson on a character drama centered on a couple going through a trying night together. Along with emerging superstar John David Washington, Malcolm & Marie became the first feature film to be produced and sold during the pandemic, made possible by the tiny cast & crew and by having an “all hands on deck” mentality to every aspect of the production.

Washington plays a director on the night of his big movie premier, and Zendaya is his girlfriend who waits with him for the initial feedback to his movie, and as they wait, tensions rise and revelations are made, and the relationship is tested.

Shot in black & white and featuring two hot up and coming artists, Malcolm & Marie is definitely one of the most intriguing Netflix movies so far in 2021.


🎬 Malcolm & Marie [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix February 5, 2021



Red Dot

Coming to Netflix February 11, 2021


Red Dot has the distinction of being Netflix’s first Swedish-produced movie, and of course they went with a simple genre-based premise that would be an easy sell across cultures: a couple on a romantic hiking trip find themselves terrorized by an unseen sniper, with the laser sight red dot appearing to make their trip a living hell.

A simple set up and small cast like this can go a long way when it comes to small movies like this. Even the “big budget” version of this kind of movie is something like Phone Booth which still ends up feeling very small and intimate, because if you are going to spend 90 minutes with so few characters, you are going to learn something about them, unless of course it is a bad movie.

Will Red Dot be a bad movie or will it use this easy idea to make something exciting and interesting?

Find out on February 11.

That must be reason enough to give this a watch.


🎬 Red Dot [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix February 11, 2021



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