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History of Swear Words

Coming to Netflix January 5, 2021


Where the fuck do all these damn swear words come from? How do we know to say “shit!” when shit goes bad? Why do we call each other “dick” and “pussy” and why does it matter, bitch?

Thank god we got Nicolas Cage to be our host through six episodes of etymological exploration in the form of the six episode limited series History of Swear Words. If you’ve been paying attention to what you’ve been reading then you know what six words will be featured in these six episodes, and helping us know more about and appreciate these words will be a plethora of linguists, historians, sociologists, writers and comedians, Have you ever wondered where these words came from and why we use them?

Now is your chance to learn about the language you so thoughtlessly throw around.


🎬 History of Swear Words [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix January 5, 2021



Pieces of a Woman

Coming to Netflix January 7, 2021


Well…THIS is awkward, eh?

Netflix had another dramatic home run on their hands in the form of Pieces of a Woman, complete with full-on Academy Award campaign for those involved, and wouldn’t you know it their lead actor got himself in hot water for, well, for being who he is. And Netflix even made changes to their promotional campaign for the movie based on this Olympic Pool amount of hot water, so who knows if this movie will get the same push or the attention for the right reason.

It is already hard enough to get people to want to sit down and watch a movie about a young couple dealing with their grief after a tragic home birth, it must be even harder to do so when one half of the on-screen couple has become persona non grata in the industry. But there are several great actors in this movie and they all do great work so should their art be thrown away because one of the participants turned out to possibly be a dirtbag? Probably not, that’s not fair to Vanessa Kirby or Ellen Burstyn or any of the other people who worked very hard on this movie that seems like it was emotionally hard to produce.

That must be reason enough to give this a watch.


🎬 Pieces of a Woman [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix January 7, 2021



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