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🎬 Top 2 Titles Coming to Netflix • JUNE 2021 • With Chris Crespo!

New on Netflix, JUNE 2021

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Coming to Netflix in June 2021, New on Netflix June 2021

By: @IAmChrisCrespo

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Sweet Tooth (Season 1)

Coming to Netflix June 4, 2021


Originally developed for Hulu, Sweet Tooth is a new show coming to Netflix that fully feels like a result of our comic book based entertainment oversaturation.

There is no way twenty years ago that mainstream American audiences would be interested in any way about a story of animal hybrid people traveling through a crumbled, transformed America being hunted by “regular” people because it is just too weird and different. But after twenty years of comic book movies and tv shows involving mutants, aliens, talking racoons, grumbling trees, half-croc and half-shark killers, alternate realities and fantastical nonsense, American audiences are more than primed for something like Sweet Tooth. And obviously the purse string holders thought the same thing or else mega-rich folks like Robert Downey Jr. wouldn’t be putting their time, energy or money into producing something like this, and OF COURSE someone who made so much money and gained so much fame via a comic book role would be interested in growing and evolving the genre.

Will Sweet Tooth be the thing to help bring comic book shows and movies forward? Or will it just be a fun side journey into what we already know? Or will it stink? We’ll all know soon enough.


🎬 Sweet Tooth [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix June 4, 2021



Wish Dragon

Coming to Netflix June 11, 2021


A Sony Picture Animation co-production with, well, multiple other production companies, Wish Dragon is an animated adventure comedy produced largely by and for China, with ambitions to break out as an international hit.

In this particular case, take Aladdin, replace the genie with a sassier version of the wish granting dragon from Dragonball Z, make him more concerned with class politics, move the story to Shanghai, and BOOM! you have a brand new animated movie for the families to enjoy.

To increase box office chances around the globe, Jackie Chan provides the voice of the titular Wish Dragon for Mandarin speaking audiences, while Harold & Kumar’s John Cho voiced the character for English speaking audiences. But will it be good? The trailer promises a colorful movie full of “fish out of water” jokes and surely a well-meaning message about knowing what’s important in life, but hopefully on top of all of that it will also be good because we’re trying to be entertained here on our couches.


🎬 Wish Dragon [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix June 11, 2021



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