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Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal

Coming to Netflix March 17, 2021


Yoooo, remember when all those rich as hell parents bought their kids admission into prestige colleges around the country by giving some dude tons of money to grease palms and forge documents and it worked for a minute but the feds found out about it and had that dude agree to work with them to set up other rich as hell parents trying to do the same thing and then the world was shocked when Aunt Becky from Full House turned out to be one of those cheating parents but honestly I was more shocked that she was married to Mossimo Gianulli and wondered if her kids grew up with free Mossimo clothing or if they hated it because it was everywhere?

Remember that?

Cause Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal is a Netflix documentary about all that stuff. Well, maybe not the kids’ possible disdain for their father’s line of youth centric clothing and accessories, but the other stuff for sure.


🎬 Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix March 17, 2021



Nailed It!: Double Trouble

Coming to Netflix March 26, 2021


In the past couple of years, the Netflix original series Nailed It! has been an oasis in a sea of mediocre content clogging the streams. Always reliable, fun, irreverent, and occasionally touching, Nailed It! has taken America and the world sort of by storm and we (well most of us) have fallen in love with its ability to celebrate failures with construction criticisms and positive vibes.

It would be so easy for host Nicole Byer to just rip into these contestants and their bone headed mistakes (albeit made under intense pressure) and make them feel small and dumb but they literally, sometimes painfully, go out of their way to be upbeat and supportive of the competitors while also telling them objectively what we can all plainly see: these people can’t bake for shit. So here comes a version of the show with pairs of contestants working together, so expect more yelling overall, and the list of guest judges includes favorites like Andrea Savage, Ron Funches, Lil Rey Howery, Bobby Lee, Brian Posehn, and A$AP Ferg so that’s pretty dope.

The last season of Nailed It! featured an episode with comedian Paul Scheer as a contestant, and this season will have actress Joey King competing with her sister, so the hits will apparently keep on coming.


🎬 Nailed It: Double Trouble! [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix March 26, 2021



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