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Top 2 Titles Coming to Netflix • MAY 2020 • With Chris Crespo

New on Netflix, MAY 2020

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Coming to Netflix in May 2020, New on Netflix May 2020

By: @IAmChrisCrespo

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The Eddy

Coming to Netflix – May 8, 2020


I try to stick to movies for my recommendations of (mostly) sight-unseen Netflix originals, but in this instance we need to look forward to The Eddy, an American made French musical drama miniseries.

Why is this significant, especially for movie dorks like me?

Because it is the latest from Damian Chazelle, who made a big splash several years ago with the most excellent movie Whiplash, won awards with his follow up La La Land, and then sent Ryan Gosling to space in First Man.

All solid movies in different genres, Damian Chazelle remains a person to watch when it comes to new movies, and in this case, new shows. Eight episodes were ordered by Netlfix, with Chazelle originally committing to directing 2 episodes, though that number has been increased since then. Led by the great André Holland (The Knick, Moonlight), this has potential to be something really special and unique and definitely will be worth checking out when it gets released.

So get on it.


The Eddy [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix May 8, 2020



Uncut Gems

Coming to Netflix May 25, 2020


Are you kidding me? Uncut f*cking Gems?

One of the biggest movie surprises of 2019 finally hits streaming services in 2020, thanks to Netflix (which actually skipped theatrical in all non-North American markets, where Uncut Gems went straight to Netflix), and will be available to flummox, confuse and downright anger many legions of loyal Adam Sandler fans.

You see, there is a reason why this movie has a very high average rating from movie critics and the entertainment intelligentsia at large while receiving brutally low ratings and reviews from Joe Average Movie Goer. Apparently, after two decades of Adam Sandler bringing his very reliable and consistent brand of comedy to the masses (save for a Punch Drunk Love here or Reign Over Me there), most movie watchers who ventured to theaters to see the newest, Oscar-buzzed Sandler flick got a heckuva surprise when this intense dramatic thriller greeted them instead of another movie in the spirit of Grown Ups or, uh, Grown Ups 2.

Instead of easy-to-watch filler meant to pass the time and maybe provide a laugh, Uncut Gems has been described as a “Weaponized Panic Attack,” a high octane story of a man’s poor decision making and how we the audience still somehow root for him to win anyway. Morally complicated and largely lacking in slapstick (there is ONE moment of nude Sandler that has to bring out some chuckles), Uncut Gems will now be available to so many more people who will be able to be confused and angered by this movie from the comfort of their own homes. So get ready for a second wave of Uncut Gems hot takes from the unwashed masses because thanks to Netflix, they are a’coming.

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