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Top Two Titles Coming to Netflix • AUGUST 2019 • With Chris Crespo

Wu Assassins & Mindhunter: Season 2

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By: Chris Crespo from Cinema Crespodiso


Top Two Titles Coming to Netflix… AUGUST 2019


Wu Assassins

Coming to Netflix August 8, 2019

No this is not the Wu Tang Clan biographical mini-series that is coming to Hulu, which sounds amazing, but instead it is Wu Assassins, the first season of a martial arts crime drama with a bit of a supernatural bent to it.

Iko Uwais exploded onto the international movie scene with The Raid: Redemption, launching himself into the upper echelon of modern action actors. And here he plays a chef in San Francisco who finds out he is The Chosen One (because what is a martial arts movie without a chosen one of some sort) and he must undergo training to fulfill his destiny and become a, wait for it, Wu Assassin.

If there is anything worth looking forward to it should be the action of this series, as Iko also acted as stunt coordinator and fight choreographer on the series and should elevate the entire production. Television shooting schedules are so much faster than movie schedules that they can’t take the same amount of time and preparation to make sure these action scenes are as top notch as possible, but maybe coming from the world of low budget Indonesian filmmaking imparted some sort of super ability to crank out amazing fight work in a constrained environment. Or maybe the Netflix series model won’t be conducive to a solid action show, and we’ll end up with another Iron Fist.


Wu Assassins [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix August 8, 2019


Mindhunter: Season 2

Coming to Netflix August 16, 2019

David Fincher is back on Netflix. After producing the huge hit House of Cards (man, that one went south, hunh?) and hitting it out of the park with season 1 of Mindhunter, he is back with the second season of this show about the FBI psychological profilers who came up with the basic ideas and building blocks for serial killer investigations.

When the original show runner left in season 1, David Fincher took over and made it his show and apparently he has plans for up to five seasons of this program, which is amazing if you are a David Fincher fan, a Netflix subscriber, or a fan of true crime stories.

But with Netflix admitting recently that they would be fine with cancelling all of their shows after only two or three seasons because they get no subscriber increase after the initial seasons of a successful show, don’t expect to see David Fincher’s full vision for this weird show that takes the old mantra of “show, don’t tell” and puts it on its head in an amazing way.

Mindhunter: Season 2 [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix August 16, 2019


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