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Top Two Titles Coming to Netflix • JULY 2019 • With Chris Crespo

Point Blank & Secret Obsession

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By: Chris Crespo from Cinema Crespodiso


Top Two Titles Coming to Netflix… JULY 2019


Point Blank

Coming to Netflix July 12, 2019

Netflix continues with its questionable decisions in the month of July with two more original movies that, on the outside, don’t seem to have much going for them. Coming out July 12 is Point Blank, an English language remake of a well-received 2010 French movie of the same name (except, you know, in French), and this new version stars Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo, so on paper this thing should work okay.

The original story is fine and we have some good actors in the lead roles as characters reluctantly working together, and on top of that, writer/director Peter Sullivan is now coming off two low budget yet decently reviewed action movies (Everly starring Salma Hayek and Mayhem starring Steven Yuen), so as far as Netflix movies go, this one might be on the upper end in terms of quality (which is not saying much considering how bad many of these movies turn out to be).

Still, be wary stepping into this one, and cling on to the charms of Anthony Mackie and the watchable gruffness of Frank Grillo, as that might end up being the thing to make this a watchable and maybe even an entertaining movie. Then again, you can always just watch the original À Bout Portant and not even bother with this unnecessary English-language remake.

Point Blank [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix July 12, 2019


Secret Obsession

Coming to Netflix July 18, 2019


Meanwhile, while Point Blank at least has some pedigree behind it that might make for a decent picture, July 18 will have the release of Secret Obsession, which just might be Netflix’s foray into the world of Lifetime Channel style movies. Peter Sullivan is behind this movie for Netflix, and a quick look at his very lengthy resume shows him as the mastermind (?) behind such movies with titles like My Christmas Inn, Wrapped Up In Christmas, Broadcasting Christmas, The Flight Before Christmas, and A LOT of other movies that also have “Christmas” in the title, as well as movies about Cheerleaders, Princes, Weddings and High Schools. And the entire log line for Secret Obsession is simply “recuperating from trauma, Jennifer remains in danger as she returns to a life she doesn’t remember.”

What about that inspired any confidence over at Netflix that any of this was a good idea?

Is that why there is no marketing or trailer for this thing with only a few weeks to go before release? What was the end goal for Netflix? They must be aiming for that segment of the audience that actively looks forward to Lifetime’s 30 Days of Christmas movies or whatever the hell saccharine, low-budget, John Stamos’ starring shit they stir up every year, and you know what? Good for Netflix for recognizing that there are all sorts of bad movies for all sorts of people, and Secret Obsession seems designed to satisfy those members of their subscriber base that think Lori Laughlin is getting a raw deal. So enjoy and who know, maybe this will become YOUR new Secret Obsession.


Secret Obsession [TRAILER] Coming to Netflix July 18, 2019


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