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Sense8 Series Finale & Nailed It: Season 2

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Top Two Titles Coming to Netflix – June 2018

By: Chris Crespo of Cinema Crespodiso



Sense8: Series Finale

Coming to Netflix June 8, 2018


In 2015, Netflix debuted one of their most daring, forward thinking and quite frankly BIGGEST shows ever in the form of Sense8, a sci-fi drama literally spanning the globe about a group of people psychically-linked trying to solve a huge mystery about WHY they are linked and what it all means. Created by The Wachowskis (The Matrix trilogy, Speed Racer, Cloud Atlas) and J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, World War Z), it was released to much fanfare and received generally strong reviews. A second season aired on Netflix in 2017, but shortly after it was released, Netflix announced the series would be cancelled, despite huge cliffhangers and tons of open storylines leaving the show’s fans with televisual blue balls (or pink walls). Enough of a groundswell of support for the show convinced Netflix that it would be in their best interest to commission a two-hour series finale, which will now come out on June (Sense)8 . Dramatically exciting, filled with interesting characters, action packed, and sexy AF, fans of the show will hopefully get what they are looking for with this big finale, and while it would have been great to see this story play out over a longer period of time, at least this is a case of fans getting some closure to the show. How will all these storylines wrap up? What will happen to these characters? Thanks, Netflix, for at least being willing to provide some answers in this one instance.

Sense8 Series Finale Official Trailer

OFFICIAL TRAILER: Sense8: The Series Finale | Coming to Netflix June 8, 2018



Nailed It! Season 2

Coming to Netflix June 29, 2018


Debuting June 29 will be the second season of Nailed It!, a cake baking competition that is more about jokes and fun than it is about actually baking cakes. You see, the producers of the show have a world class professional baker take several days to make elaborate and amazing baked desserts, and then they task a trio of amateur bakers with recreating these insane cakes in a tiny fraction of the time. So not only do these contestants barely know what they are doing, they are also pretty much set up to fail for our entertainment, to the point where it is impressive that these folks make ANYTHING in the allotted time frame, let along something that looks amazing (and tastes great, too!). This show is hosted by comedian Nicole Byer (MTV’s Girl Code, Why Won’t You Date Me?) and her energy and general sense of wildness adds just the right amount of comedy and shenanigans to the overall proceedings. And the production of the show itself has a shaggy dog “making it up as we go along” quality that is a lot of fun, as each episode seems rough around the edges in just the right ways to make Nailed It stand apart from other run of the mill baking shows. Season one, which debuted earlier this year, is only six episodes long so you still have plenty of time to watch that before the second season begins, giving you a chance to prepare for the undeniable chemistry between Nicole Byer and head judge (and world renowned chocolatier) Jacques Torres, the dopey but well-meaning and often likeable contestants, and stagehand (and dreamboat) Wes’ trophy deliveries. This show is an absolute delight.

OFFICIAL TRAILER: Nailed It! Season 2 | Coming to Netflix June 29, 2018


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